PS 112—Bronx

Arts Partner Since 2013. In-School Dance Residency Program serving 2nd-4th grade. Funding for Notes in Motion’s partnership with PS 112 Bronx has been provided by City Council Member Andy King.

School Population Demographics:
K-5, 370 students; 48% Black, 50% Hispanic, 2% White; 5% ELL; 98% economically disadvantaged; 26% special education

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Dance Residency (Winter/Spring 2017) 3rd Grade (50 students, 2 class groups, 14-sessions) Teaching Artist: Ashley McQueen

"The program taught me that dance can be very relaxing and fun.” — student, PS 112X

"All the students worked together and were encouraged to help each other out.” — teacher, PS 112X

“She likes to dance and it has an excellent impact on her.” — parent, PS 112X

Dancing Communities and Dance Making (Winter 2013) 3rd Grade (45 students, 4 class groups, 5-sessions) Teaching Artists: Fatima Logan, Kayt MacMaster

Dance Residency (Fall 2014/Winter 2015) 2nd Grade (25 students, 1 class group, 10-sessions) Teaching Artist: Jessica Danser

Dance Residency (Winter/Spring 2016) 1st Grade (50 students, 2 class groups, 12-sessions) Teaching Artist: Aya Saotome


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