PS 89—Queens

Arts Partner Since 2010. Serving K- 5th. After-School Dance Programs. Funding for Notes in Motion’s arts partnership with PS 89 has been provided by a NYSCA grant.

The Child Center of New York helps at-risk children and youth succeed in life. They provide family intervention, youth development, counseling and home visiting services that keep families healthy and intact.

School Population Demographics:
K-12, 2022 students; 77% Hispanic, 21% Asian, 2% White; 41% ELL; 59% economically disadvantaged; 18% special education

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After-School Program (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017) 2nd Grade (50 students, 3 class groups, 22-sessions) Teaching Artist: Geneva Jenkins

"Dance can play a part in everyone’s life no matter who you are”—student

“This kind of program is definitely helpful for improving creativity”—parent

"Students were more comfortable & open to their classmates"—teacher

After-School Dance Program (Spring 2012) 5th Grade (2 class groups, 9-sessions, 50-students) Teaching Artist: Anastasia Niemann

Technique and Creation (Winter-Spring 2013) 4th-5th Grade (4-class groups, 15-sessions, 100-students) Teaching Artist: Sonja Dale

A better me, A better world.  Citizenship, Collaboration, Individualism, and Self-Esteem (Summer 2013) 3rd Grade (2-class groups, 15-sessions, 100-students) Teaching Artist: Sonja Dale

Musical Theatre/Broadway Dance (Spring 2014) 3rd Grade, (3-class groups, 11 sessions, 100-students) Teaching Artist: Sonja Dale

Five Boroughs (Summer 2014) 1st Grade (2 class groups, 6-sessions 100 students) Teaching Artist: Jennifer Donnello

Our Bodies and the Seasons (Winter-Spring 2015) Kindergarten (13-sessions) Teaching Artist: Maira Duarte

After-School Program (Winter-Spring 2016) 1st Grade (26-sessions, 50-students) Teaching Artist: Lisa Graziano