Arts Partner Since 2017.  K-5, 648 students; 92% Hispanic, 5% White, 1.4% Pacific Islander/Asian, 1.2% Black; 24% ELL; 68% economically disadvantaged; 14% special education 

We are in our second year of in partnership with Amistad Dual Language School. This season, grades 2nd – 8th will have the opportunity to learn tap dance fundamentals during a 10-week residency. 

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School Mission: The Amistad Dual Language School is a community of learners that embraces the unique path of each individual.  They foster a sense of communal responsibility and solidarity through the celebration of culture, language, and diversity. Our students explore and enhance their creative abilities by performing and writing music, choreographing dance movements and producing visual arts pieces.

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Tap Dance Residency (Fall/Winter 2018) 4th-8th Grades (7-class groups; 12-sessions) Teaching Artist: Sandra Kluge

Students were encouraged to explore tap dance as a vital American art form by learning about it in practice (technique, classic material, exercises, improvisation) and theory (history, masters, cultural influences, music theory). The residency culminated with a performance for the school community showcasing students’ knowledge of tap history, technique, vocabulary, and creative development.

Tap Dance Residency (Spring 2018) 4th-6th Grades (6-class groups, 4-sessions) Teaching Artist: Carrie Demos