Students performing in a Latin dance residency at PS 290, Queens

Arts Partner since 2018. PreK-5, 512 students; 45% Hispanic, 3% Black, 19% Asian, 30% White, 2% Multiracial; 8% ELL; 66% economically disadvantaged; 10% special education.

Creative Dance Residency (Winter 2020) Teaching Artists: Luisa Righeto, Lyndsey Corbin, & Ashmita Biswas

Latin Dance Residency (Fall 2019/Winter 2020) Teaching Artists: Luisa Righeto & Elya Osmanova

Each of Us is a Flower (Winter 2018) K-1st Grade (8-class groups; 20-sessions) Teaching Artists: Sandra Horn

Students were introduced to various Latin dance genres and rhythmic patterns. Throughout the residency, students were encouraged to build confidence, promote healthy habits through movement and dance, and learn structure through dance class settings. 

The Body is a Party (Spring 2019) 2nd Grade (4-class groups; 6-sessions) Teaching Artist: Luisa Righeto

The students learned a new way to express themselves through their body, to recognize the personal space, to place their body in space (dance room or stage), to place their body in group and with a partner. Latin Dance is usually performed in partners, which requires respect to each other. The students were able to follow the rhythm of one of the latin dances; and they will learn new movements / dance vocabulary about the specific rhythm for their final performance.

Community Building Through Latin Dance (Spring 2019) 3rd Grade (3-class groups; 6-sessions) Teaching Artist: Sandra Horn

This residency taught students how to step to the beat, then incorporate latin body movement in a playful way. Students explored general movement through warm up and dance games, as well as prepare for a performance and moving in space with a partner.

Fiesta de Baile (Spring 2019) 4th Grade (3-class groups; 6-sessions) Teaching Artist: Ashmita Biswas

During this residency the children started exploring the concepts of direction, speed, rhythm and mechanics to work with a partner.

Exploring Latin Culture Through Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata (Spring 2019) 5th Grade (3-class groups; 6-sessions) Teaching Artist: Stephanie Peña

During this residency, students explored Latin culture through Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. The students learned the historical context each dance styles, studied dance concepts, were introduced to dance terminology, discovered new rhythms and performed these at the culminating event.