Student performing warm-up routine during a culminating event at The Earth School, Manhattan

Arts Partner since 2018.  PreK-5, 292 students; 35% Hispanic, 14% Black, 6% Asian, 36% White, 9% Multiracial; 6% ELL; 52% economically disadvantaged; 28% special education.

School Mission: The staff, families, and support agencies that comprise the Earth School community nurture the development of our students through our ongoing collaboration and our deep commitment to knowing each child through her unique strengths and interests.

We work to be a place where children and adults from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate our differences, to appreciate our common humanity, and to contribute to our community. Our mission is to support children’s inherent love of learning through curriculum that is active, playful, socially-conscious, and rigorous.

The Earth School’s educational program is designed to support children’s academic achievement and to encourage their commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflict and the preservation of the Earth’s resources.

PreK-5th Grade Dance Program (Fall 2019-Winter 2020) Teaching Artist: Cora Lazsio

Dance Tells Stories (Winter/Spring 2019) PreK (2-class groups; 20-sessions) Teaching Artists: Sandra Horn & Ashley McQueen

This residency explored creative movement with the aim of helping students discover their own body movement and how it can tell a story. We playfully examined different qualities of movement; solo as well as with a partner, and helped students use their imagination to come up with their own sequences of movement.

Community Building Through Movement (Fall 2018) PreK (2-class groups; 20-sessions) Teaching Artist: Ashley McQueen

This residency explored environmental awareness and advocacy through dance and movement. With an emphasis on community building, clean air, and recycling, students reflect on their place in the world and the importance of taking care of our planet. The goal of the residency was to enhance students’ environmental awareness, while teaching them how small changes within their community can result in bigger changes that impact the world.