“The Notes in Motion dance program had a positive impact, and we would love to be a part of it again. Seeing all the children enjoy themselves through this form of expression was delightful.”

—Parent, PS 290 | Queens

Notes in Motion dance programs teach creativity, personal expression, and leadership”

—Parent, The Neighborhood School | Manhattan

“This dance program connects to other learning objectives by showing how if we keep practicing we will get the hang of it!”

—Student, One World Middle School | Bronx

“Dance helped my mind loosen up so I can think more clearly.”

—Student, PS 290 | Queens

“Based on the exposure to other dances and cultures some students are now more interested to learn about the languages spoken by their classmates and information about their culture.”

—Classroom Teacher, PS 78 | Bronx

“As always, students who are quiet in class were able to express themselves through dance/movement.

—Classroom Teacher, STAR Academy | Manhattan

The kids seemed all very focused and happy at the same time. Your team managed to make teaching fun and entertaining. I was impressed by the amount of choreography they had memorized.”

—Parent, STAR Academy | Manhattan

The program promoted collaboration, understanding, and confidence. It also promoted diversity. Student writing became more creative as they learned new dance concepts. For instance, students were able to create more visual descriptions."

—Classroom Teacher, PS 78 | Bronx

“13 years of dance programs in elementary schools with my kids and this one stands out as the best ever. Thanks!”

—Parent, The Neighborhood School | Manhattan

"This program had an extreme positive and energy filled impact on my child's daily routine. He enjoyed learning these new forms of exposure through dance.”

—Parent, PS 290 | Queens