Our School Partnerships
Throughout this school year, Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theatre has built on our vibrant partnerships at PS 63 M, PS 78 X, PS 89Q, PS 112 X, PS 312 K PS/IS 323 K, East Village Community School, and Murry Bergrtram.

NEW School Partnerships
Amistad Dual Language School, Manhattan
IS 529 One World MS, Bronx
PS 82 The Hammond School, Queens

Spanning Pre K-12th grade in dance styles from West African to Ballet to Modern to Hip Hop, our programs are energizing entire school communities all over NYC. With our dynamic and original in-school residencies, after-school programs, summer camps, and community programs, Notes in Motion is changing the lives of students in NYC.

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PS 63—Manhattan

PS 63 STAR Academy
Serving Pre-K – 5th Grade

PS 78—Bronx

PS 78 Anne Hutchinson
Serving 1st-4th Grade

PS 82 Queens

PS 82 The Hammond School —QUEENS
Serving 4th Grade

PS 89—Queens

Child Center of NY
@ PS 89


Serving K-5th Grade

PS 112—Bronx

PS 112 Bronxwood
Serving 2nd-4th Grade

PS 312—Brooklyn

PS 312 Bergen Beach
Serving 2nd Grade

PS/IS 323—Brooklyn

PS/IS 323

Serving K-2nd Grade

Amistad Dual Language School, Mahattan

Amistad Dual
Language School

Serving 4th-6th Grade

East Village Community School

East Village
Community School


Serving 1st and 5th Grade

Murry Bergtraum H.S.

Murry Bergtraum
High School

Serving 9th-12th Grade

IS529 One World MS, Bronx

One World Middle School
Serving 5th & 6th Grade

The Neighborhood School

The Neighborhood School
Serving PreK-2nd Grade

Current Program Partners
Manhattan: PS 63 STAR Academy, Amistad Dual Language School, East Village Community School, Murry Bergtraum High School, The Neighborhood School
Brookyln: PS 312, PS/IS 323
Bronx: PS 78, PS 112, One World Middle School
Queens: PS 82, Child Center of NY @ PS 89

Past Program Partners
Manhattan: PS 41, PS 87, PS 721, Goddard Riverside After-School Center, The Brearley School, The Philip Coltoff Center
Brooklyn: PS 247, PS 92, PS 93, PS 67, Academy for Young Writers
Queens: PS 7, PS 60, PS 81, PS 89, PS 107, PS 127, PS 171, PS 214, PS 237,MS 355, Collaborative Arts Middle School
Bronx: The Bronx Charter School for the Arts
Long Island: Hebrew Academy for the Five Towns and the Rockaways
Staten Island: PS 13

Please provide information about your school so we can customize a dance program to meet your needs and population.