School Mission: “We are a learning community that believes in the ability of all students to achieve success. We start by acknowledging that each student has brilliance and strength. With this core belief, along with teaching that relies on frequent checks of student understanding, high impact feedback that is specific to the needs of each student, and authentic student engagement, each member of our school is accountable for ensuring that all students make academic strides and are prepared for success in their future endeavors.” School Website
Arts Partner Since 2021.  Grades 6-8, 514 students; 68% Hispanic, 24% Black, 4% Asian, 1% White; 18% English Language Learners; 95% Economically Disadvantaged; 22% Special Education
(2022-2023) Moving With Imagination (18 class groups, 275 students; 8 sessions) Grades: K-2 | Teaching Artist: Bailey Randolph Video

(2022-2023) The Art of Storytelling (11 class groups, 275 students; 8 sessions) Grades: 3-5 | Teaching Artist: Bailey Randolph Video

(2021-2022) Dancing with a Purpose; Magical Moments of Movement (3 class groups, 75 students; 4 sessions) Grades 6-8 | Teaching Artists: Makayla Peterson, Madison Williams Video

(2021-2022) The Dance that Moves Us: Social Dance Forms (2 class groups, 50 students; 20 sessions) Grades: 6-8 | Teaching Artist: Janet Cesarotti Photos Video

(2021-2022) Agents of Our Own Destiny (2 class groups, 30 students; 10 sessions) Grades: 6-8 Teaching Artist: Bailey Randolph   Photos | Videos

(2020-2021) Exploring Jazz & Street Aesthetics through Disney Films & Culture; Dancing Around the World (6 class groups, 150 students; 12 sessions) Grades: 6-8 Teaching Artists: Jamia Jordon, Rohan Bhargava Drummer: Shelby