School Mission:”We at P.S. 153 consisting of administrators, teachers, and staff strive for our students to improve individual academic achievement and social development for every child. By providing a safe community, the arts and extracurricular activities we will achieve this with the philosophy of one student at a time. We strive for this by working in partnership with parents through effective communication to support engagement, respect, equity, access and cultures.    School Website
Arts Partner Since 2021.  Grades K-5 546 students; 36% Hispanic, 2% Black, 23% Asian, 34% White; 30% English Language Learners; 57% Economically Disadvantaged; 18% Special Education
(2022-2023) Jazz Jamboree; Finding Our Joy Through Creative Movement and Music; Fusion: Creative Movement & Dance Expression  (3 class groups, 75 students; 33 sessions) Grades: 2-4 | Teaching Artist: Beatriz Castro, Aimee Grumbach, Elyse Mertz, Makayla Peterson Photos Video


(2021-2022) A Trip to Spain; Finding Nemo and Movement; The Modern Carnival of Animals; Stickin’ to Style Fly!; Finding First Steps; Stronger Together; Finding Our Voice (8 class groups, 200 students; 24 sessions) Grades: 1-3 | Teaching Artists: Vera Paganin, Bailey Randolph Photos


(2020-2021) From Still Image to Dancing Bodies (4 class groups, 120 students; 5 sessions) Grades: K Teaching Artist: Erken Roosen  Photos | Videos


(2020-2021) Isolating Together (2 class groups, 25 students; 5 sessions) Grades: Teaching Artist: Jen Silver  Photos | Videos