School Mission: “The Queens School of Inquiry (QSI), an Early College Initiative School, aims to provide engaging, student-centered mastery-based learning to all students in grades 6 through 12. Our inclusive environment, designed to support the whole child, prepares students to enter and successfully complete college early. Students at the QSI have the opportunity to earn up to 62 tuition-free college credits while still in high school.”  School Website
Arts Partner Since 2021.  Grades 6-8, 608 students; 23% Hispanic, 14% Black, 44% Asian, 17% White; 4% English Language Learners; 56% Economically Disadvantaged; 15% Special Education
(2021-2022) We Have the Power; Our Culture, My Identity (10 class groups, 250 students; 15 sessions) Grades: 6-7 | Teaching Artist: Madison Williams Photos Video

(2021-2022) Moving Through the American Identity; Body Language (10 class groups, 250 students; 27 sessions) Grades: 6-8 | Teaching Artists: Lindsey Jennings and Madison Williams Photos 1 Photos 2 Video

(2021-2022) Body Language (2 class groups, 30 students; 10 sessions) Grades: 6-8 Teaching Artist: Madison Williams  Photos

(Summer Rising 2021) Coming Back to Community Grades: 6-8 Teaching Artists: Madison Williams, Lyndsay Corbett Photos Videos