The Neighborhood School

Arts Partner Since 2017

We are in our second year of partnership with The Neighborhood School, Manhattan this year! Students grades 2nd-5th will have  an opportunity to participate in a 10-week African Dance residency. Sessions will include traditional African dance fundamentals and rhythms such as Lamban, DunDunba, Sinte, and more. They will be introduced to African dance terminology such as breaks, rhythms, and traditional African garb. Students practiced performance quality, weight shifts, and improvised movement based off of their knowledge of African dance.

School Population Demographics: 
PreK-2, 283 students; 36% Hispanic, 11% Black, 5% Asian, 46% White, 3% Multiracial; 3% ELL; 41% economically disadvantaged; 24% special education.

2017 Culminating Event at The Neighborhood School

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African Dance Residency (Fall 2018) 2nd-5th Grade (7 class groups, 10-sessions) Teaching Artist: Fatima Logan-Alston

3rd - 5th Grade African Dance Residency (Winter 2017) 1st Grade (50 students, 5 class groups, 10-sessions) Teaching Artist: Carlita Ector & David Alston


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