Student highlighting their experiences after a Notes in Motion dance program culminating event

Student Testimonials
“Dance taught me to believe in myself.” — PS 63M
“My favorite thing to do in Notes in Motion is in the intro, we can do our own dance to show our creativity.” — PS 290Q
“The dance program made me feel so good and awesome!”— PS 78X
“The program taught me that there are other ways to express yourself and show how you feel.”— PS 89Q
“Dance is fun and it keeps me motivated.” — PS 112X

Teacher Testimonials
“The students had a lot of pride in their dance and they were able to see how practice improves
performance. Throughout the dance residency, students were becoming more comfortable taking risks
and trying new things.” — PS 63M
“Based on the exposure to other dances and cultures some students are now more interested to learn about the languages spoken by their classmates and information about their culture.” — PS 78X
“The students were more inclined to work as a group.” — PS/IS 323K
“The students are more expressive in their interactions with each other.” — PS 78X
“Students work better together and I have seen students listen to instruction more readily.” — PS 89Q

Parent/Guardian Testimonials
“13 years of dance programs in elementary schools with my kids and this one stands out as the best ever. — The Neighborhood School
“Their smiles were priceless.” — PS 78X
“Students learned to laugh at themselves, which was a lesson they needed.” — PS 290Q
“This program encourages students to do well in school.” — PS 78X
“This kind of program is definitely helpful for improving creativity.” — PS/IS 323K