Bronx School Partnerships

Spanning 3K-12th grade in dance styles from West African to Latin to Ballet to Hip Hop, our programs are energizing entire school communities all over NYC. With our dynamic and original in-school residencies, after-school programs, summer camps, and community programs, Notes in Motion is changing the lives of students in NYC. As an aggregate, the breakdown of the demographics of the students we serve are: 20% Asian; 19% Black, 44% Latin, 14% White; 18% Multi-Language Learners; 19% Students with Disabilities; 70% Economically Disadvantaged. Book a Dance Program!
Bronx Charter
School for the Arts
Delta School
Bronx Legacy
High School
Bronx School for
Continuous Learning
Bronx Theatre
High School
Collegiate Institute for
Math & Science
Fannie Lou Hamer
Freedom High School
One World
Middle School
Country School
South Bronx Academy
for Applied Media
Walkabout Bronx
High School
PS 28
PS 41
PS 53
PS 78
PS 83
PS 96
PS 112
PS 126
PS 163
PS/MS 194
PS 310
PS 311
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