Professional Development programs link up teaching professionals with Notes in Motion artists to explore creative techniques that add to teaching the total student and to enrich their curricula with movement and dance. Workshops include exercises in improvisation, choreography, observation, writing about dance, leading discussion, evaluation, mentoring creative learners, game playing, and approaches to inter-disciplinary study. Professional Development programs are highly interactive; participants take an active role in the workshop thereby gaining a kinesthetic awareness of each new creative approach to bring to their classroom. Supplemental lesson plans, written materials, and extensive bibliographies are supplied for teachers so that they can apply their new skills directly in their teaching.

Most Professional Development program bookings include an Interactive Performance as well. Interactive Performance bridge the learning gap and build on the skills explored in the professional development workshop by extending the learning concepts to the greater school community.

Programs are offered in the five strands of Learning in Dance as outlined in the NYC Blueprint for the Arts.

Breaking down the choreographic process; developing an individual artistic voice and point of view; using to dance to communicate ideas, images, and feelings.
Talking about dance; cultivating arts enthusiasts; movement games for different ages that create a working knowledge and physical understanding of essential dance concepts.
Using dance to illuminate the study of history and culture; writing, music, and visual art activities to link up with the study of dance; developing and practicing inter-disciplinary curriculum models.
Collaboration; teamwork; leadership; classroom; community.
Dancers; choreographers; arts administrators; fundraisers; advocates; writers.